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calling n : the particular occupation for which you are trained [syn: career, vocation]

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from call


  1. present participle of call


  1. A strong urge to become religious.
  2. A job or occupation.



A strong urge to become religious

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For the religious sense of the word, see vocation. For the rock band, see The Calling. For the album by Japanese band Unsraw, see vocation. For the single by B'z, see Calling (B'z song) For the rock band, see Calling.
A game call is a device that is used to mimic animal noises to attract or drive animals to a hunter.
Many hunters can be divided into two categories. The first group sits silent, motionless and hidden until a game animal wanders or flies into view. This tried-and-true hunting method takes plenty of game, but some people prefer a more 'active' approach. This group of hunters also remains hidden, but they make plenty of noise. They are wildlife callers, and their success depends on producing a convincing enough reproduction of an animal’s calls to convince a game animal to come to them.
But, you can’t simply buy a call, head to the woods and reap the rewards of game flooding to your calls. Just like any activity, becoming a competent caller takes practice and education. No matter if your interest lies in calling turkeys, waterfowl, deer, elk or whatever, each call demands the appropriate calling technique, and the only way to become competent is to learn what the call should sound like, how much to call, where and when to call, and a long list of others.

A variety of animal species are attracted to game calls

There are many different types of animal species that are attracted to game calls

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